There were things in my life that were holding me back and I was convinced  I would have to live with it all for the rest of my life.  After only one session with Kim, I started to see and feel the changes.

"Kim Wall is a professional in every sense of the word.  Her devotion to her craft and her relentless desire to help others radiated from her the moment I met her.

I can say with all the confidence in the world, she is the most understanding and compassionate person I have ever met to date.  Change is possible and with her, surprisingly effortless.”

- Anonymous, 22 year old male, Victoria, BC, Mar 2016


“As a meditator of over forty years, I thought I was familiar with all my interior spaces.  However, through the sessions I did with Kim, I was able access sub personalities/parts of me I never knew existed.

In her breath work sessions,  I also unearthed layers and layers of subterranean strata, released bottled up emotion I had held onto for years, and exposed it all to the light of day.   Amazing, profound work which has brought me a clarity I never dreamed was possible. Thank you Kim, from the bottom of my heart.”
-E.H., Vancouver, Canada, Jan 2016


“In a very short time, Kim helped me feel totally at ease, sharing how her different approaches work, leading me through the sessions and helping me get back in touch with the “Parts” that I have been unable to accept. She is kind, gentle, supportive, very gifted, and her love for her work and its potential shines through her – I hope you will give yourself the gift of working with Kim!”
-C.C., Comox, BC, Nov 2015


“Kim is an amazing individual who walks her talk. I have had the privilege of working with her in two very different environments within the last 6 months. In both circumstances, Kim has shown herself to be a gifted facilitator who has clearly ‘done her own work’ to get to the place where she is. She is a thoughtful and careful listener who works from a rare position of high energy and no judgment. In my 25 years of work with educators and mental health providers, I can only think of a handful of people who share her level of so many characteristics; honesty, openness, integrity, real-ness, dedication to service, and knowledge of her field. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.”
–B. T., PhD., Educational Consultant,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, September 2011

“Kim is an exceptional Counsellor!  She brings honesty, integrity and humour to her work and inspires a trust that can only lead to profound experiences. I cannot recommend her enough!”
-Z.B., Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Voice Dialogue Facilitator
Melbourne, Australia November 2012


“I have had the great experience of working with Kim Wall as my Voice Dialogue Facilitator at workshops in The USA and in Switzerland. Kim has a wonderful presence and the skill to facilitate very deep work with compassion, precision and holding. I wholeheartedly recommend Kim for both personal and professional processes.”
-N.B., Communicator and Coach
Oslo, Norway, October 2012


“Kim has an amazing intuitive ability to help people work through the challenges and frustrations that they are facing in their lives. She generously shares her knowledge and skills to empower her clients to create the life and relationships they desire. I highly recommend Kim Wall as a workshop facilitator, counsellor and/or personal coach.”
-BARBARA MAY, BA, Stumbling Blocks: A Crash Course in Overcoming Challenges, Obstacles and Hurdles at Work
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, April 2011


“Kim studied with us for many years and gradually worked her way to becoming one of our senior teachers in our trainings that are a part of Voice Dialogue International. She is an outstanding counsellor carrying both the skills and the empathic connection so necessary in this work. She is totally reliable and takes care of whatever needs doing in a group situation. She is a team player and helps to create a wonderful group environment. We are very pleased to recommend her to you for both individual work or teaching in the area of Voice Dialogue, Relationship and the Psychology of Selves.”
Psychotherapists/Teachers/Writers at Voice Dialogue International
Mendocino, California, USA


“As a speaker, author and coach for over 25 years, I feel blessed to have worked with some of the best professionals in the business: Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols to name a few. They were all wonderful and I learned from each of them.

The counselling sessions I have done recently with Kim, allowed me to have a long-overdue conversation with a loved one that had left me STUCK after my lengthy battle with cancer. She also supported me to recognize and embrace my-own innocence and as a result, I was able to confront my sexual abuser and ‘LET GO’ of everything I had carried and bottled up inside of me for over 50 years.

Thank you so much Kim for giving me the tools and resurrecting my courage so I could do – and say – what was necessary to fulfill my life’s purpose.

If you are reading this and you are considering Kim Wall as your one-on-one counsellor, you have my highest recommendation.
She is the best counsellor I have ever experienced.”
-BARRY SPILCHUK, Toronto, Canada, October 2015
Co-author – A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

My whole life long… I literally have been pushing people away. I would get involved in a relationship and either do something to sabotage it or claim there was something wrong with myself or my partner and end up leaving the relationship. With Kims’ help, I uncovered a memory of a traumatic incident between my sister and I, where a part of me vowed that based on what happened when I was 10 years old, I would NEVER be allowed to love one person that deeply ever again.

Everything has changed now and I am currently in a wonderful, healthy relationship where I FEEL loving AND loved by BOTH myself and my partner. I actually FEEL different in the world….who knew this was possible?!? Thank you Kim!

-DWT , Edmonton, AB- 62 year old female, January 2019

Ever since my early teens I have struggled with an eating disorder. I lived with such a sense of internal shame and loathing that I always kept myself at arms length in all my relationships, with BOTH males and females. After my second session with Kim everything changed. A year down the road from our last session, I am eating disorder FREE, AND I have such self compassion and understanding for the little girl in me who had to endure the KAOS in my family system. I am now learning which people I can trust to enter into relationships with, instead of keeping myself out of all relationships. Who knew !

KRP, Duncan, BC - 35 year old female, June 2018