Individual Counselling - What to Expect

Individual counselling typically involves a conversational-style interaction, with the counsellor and the client sitting facing each other at a comfortable distance. You will experience an honest encounter in which you are heard and your strengths appreciated. The process is one of mutual exploration. Sometimes, when appropriate, the counsellor may offer to draw on breathing techniques or on experiential processes, such as Mindfulness, Visual imagery, or  Voice Dialogue.

As my client, you can expect to meet with a competent and experienced professional who views you as a capable human being, takes a non-judgmental stance, and abides by the code of ethics of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA).

What Is a Session

A counselling or psychotherapy session is typically 90-minutes. It was my experience that in shorter 60 minute sessions, clients often felt like they were just getting into the meat of their issue and the short one-hour sessions was up. My clients find that although the up-front expense for the 90 minute session was higher, they could actually accomplish more in fewer, longer 90 min. sessions. However, shorter one hour sessions can be arranged upon request and budget constraints.

Counselling can be short, medium, or long term. Short-term counselling is typically between 3 and 8 sessions and is focused on a particular situation. Longer term counselling and psychotherapy goes deeper and can take a few months. Some people value having extra support and check in bi-annually to address new issues that have arisen.


  • Counselling / Psychotherapy / Voice Dialogue – $165 + GST for a ninety minute session or $110 + GST per hour.