The reality that we are all made up of “Parts”, allows for a new understanding of ourselves and others which opens the door to internal compassion and healing. Have you ever heard opposing voices in your own head? You aren’t crazy, nor do you have multiple personality disorder. We ALL have “Parts”.

Once we learn to make the unconscious, conscious in ourselves, we begin to access our own “SELF “energy, which can not only heal long standing emotional wounds, but we can learn to talk FOR our ”Parts” not FROM them in our relationships. Otherwise, we unconsciously continue to project our wounds or unfinished business ONTO our partner or loved one/s in relationship.

These “Parts” within us, continually look towards our parent, our partners or our friends to be there the way we needed someone to be there for us when our original wound or attachment injury were created.

Sadly....we continue to feel hurt, disappointed, misunderstood, or defensive by the people who supposedly love or care for us. Our natural tendency it to believe that there is something wrong with the OTHER person in front of us...we believe they are the problem.

When you learn to access this internal world and put in your own repairs….everything changes!

The reality is....repairing this struggle and its underlying wound is an INSIDE job.

YOU are the one you have been waiting for....ask me how!


Couple/Family Counselling – $210.00 + GST for a 1.5 hour session ($140.00 per hour).