Is Counselling for me?

Are you unsatisfied with how your life/relationships have turned out?

Are you looking for peace of mind?

Are you feeling anxiety ridden, lifeless, hopeless and or powerless?

These are only some of the dilemmas that bring clients to my office.

Are you HUNGRY for change?


We will all hit many personal roadblocks within our lifespan.  Turning to a skilled counsellor can assist you in maneuvering through life’s many obstacles, working together to create a bridge, so you can begin to flourish again.

It is my belief, that you are the best authority on your own experience and that nobody knows better for you than you.  Together, with my guidance, we can begin to explore and gain a deeper understanding of your own personal Internal Operating System (IOS); how and why it functions and what it is trying to achieve.  This exploration often uncovers unconscious limiting beliefs that developed in early childhood, which no longer serve you.

In our sessions together, you will learn that some of your beliefs, rules and behaviours are held by one of MANY different internal Parts or Sub-personalities.  These Parts, often more child-like than adult, are born out of necessity in our developmental process in an attempt to look after our own vulnerability, by adapting our own behaviour to assure we get our needs met from those around us.  This unconscious process develops and plays out throughout our lifetime.  The “Parts” continue doing what they have always done, un-aware of the other Parts of the psyche that exist concurrently, often hindering or sabotaging the very thing we are trying to achieve.

This exploration allows you to experience your Parts as separate from the whole, resulting in deeper self compassion, understanding and can precipitate a reduction in anxiety and other behavioural changes which positively affect how you feel about yourself and your relationships.

Most of us have been operating from such limited internal resources, we only ever see “one way” of doing things.  This unique work opens up your awareness and conversely your field of choice.  You will begin to see that  “One choice is actually NO choice”.

Once the process begins, possibilities which once seemed out of reach, can now naturally fall into place.

New awareness allows us to be more conscious and when we are more conscious we will naturally make healthier choices for ourselves and others.